Genesis 21: 8-21

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Introduction to "STAD": The Strategic Team for Authentic Diversity (STAD) is a coalition of rostered leaders in the Northwestern Washington Synod working towards authentic diversity in our synod through resourcing rostered leaders with education and resources that enable us to dismantle white supremacy in ourselves, our congregations and the wider church. Noticing an increased desire for antiracist education in the synod, we gather to provide resources for people working for change. Our name comes from the Strategy for Authentic Diversity, which was approved at Churchwide Assembly 2019, and our goals and work are intertwined with the goals of the strategy. To work towards authentic diversity, STAD offers monthly video chats on selected topics in the areas of white supremacy and racism, an always expanding list of resources listed on the synod website, advocates for education and policy at the synod and national level, and the white members of the team are available for consultation or resourcing. At this time, the resources of our black, indiginous, persons of color (BIPOC) clergy are spread too thin and we ask people refrain from using them as resources. * NW WA Synod Strategic Team for Authentic Diversity (STAD) Covenanted Partners (to-date): Darla DeFrance, Lara Forbes, Tim Feiertag, Kacey Hahn, Marc Hander, Anja Helmon, Ivar Hillesland, Carol Jensen, Dianne Johnson, Scott Kramer, Tim Oleson, Priscilla Paris-Austin, Elizabeth Rawlings, Jana Schofield


[1] Juneteenth Observance, Resource Repository/Juneteenth_observance…, Copyright © 2019 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This document may be reproduced for use in your congregation as long as the copyright notice appears on each copy. Scripture is from the Contemporary English Version (CEV) Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society We Are Marching In the Light of God, Text and Music: South African traditional; tr. Freedom is Coming, 1984, Tr. and arr. © 1984 Utryck, admin. Walton Music Corp. Public Domain. [2] About this hymn: [3] Using text adapted from "Lift Every Voice and Sing" by James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938). In public domain. O, Freedom, Freedom is Coming, Text: South African, Music: South African, © 1984 Utryck, admin. Walton Music Corp. Used with permission. Reprinted & Broadcast under #A-706838. CCLI License # 20541533 , CCLI Streaming #20541540 [4] About this hymn: [5] Prayer for Justice and Peace (adapted), author unknown, Lift Every Voice and Sing, Text: James W. Johnson, 1871-1938 Music: J. Rosamond Johnson, 1873-1954. Public Domain. [6]About this hymn: See full article:

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